NOCO Battery Booster GB40 or GB70

Battery jump starters are nothing new, in fact, I have been looking to replace my worn-out Motomaster Eliminator booster for some time. It was hardly used for about 2.5 years before the battery died. It was big, it was heavy and it came in handy when I needed to plug in a lamp during a power outage. Ironically, the only thing it didn’t do well was boost my car battery.

A few weeks ago we had some colder days (about -15 C) and my car battery was dead. So I pulled out the Motomaster Powerbox to lend a hand. This was the first time I needed to use the battery pack to boost the car and it didn’t work, how frustrating.

It did give me a good excuse to go buy a new battery pack though. I wandered over to Canadian Tire and notice that there were smaller lithium booster packs made by NOCO vs the traditional lead-acid batteries.

The new generation of jump starters use compact lithium-ion batteries and I was surprise by the amount of power it packs into a small package.

The two versions I was looking at was the NOCO GB40 and the NOCO GB70. Both do pretty much the same thing except one is rated at 1,000 amps and the other is at 2,000 amps. I tried both on my 2.0 litre SUV and it worked like a charm. Even with the smaller capacity, the GB40 had no problems boosting it.

Aside from the power difference, I do want to point out that the GB40 has detachable clamps which make it more compact. It is much smaller in size and fits well into the glove box.

Should I get the GB40 or GB70? Well, I ended up keeping the GB70 because I feel as though more power is always better. I gave the other away to my dad.
I liked how the GB70 has a place to hold the clamps neatly on the outside of the unit. This works for me as I tend to misplace cables and wires. The other big difference I see is the light. The GB70 has a much stronger light, enough to light up the engine bay. The light on the GB40 was only able to light up the battery compartment.

Both products are definitely well made and look like they can take a beating. In addition to jump-starting, these units can also be used to recharge USB devices, such as mobile phones and tablets. The GB70, however, has the added bonus of a 12V plug which gives me the option to plug in things such as a tire compressor.

I recommend getting the GB70 over the GB40 if price isn’t a factor. The little added extras of the GB70 make it a great addition to an emergency kit. The larger capacity gives me the extra peace of mind.

The GB40 still packs a punch and can easily handle most jump starts. I really like the fact that it is much more compact and slim.  A detachable clamp makes it friendlier when you want to carry the unit around as a USB power pack.

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